Your morning or afternoon will consist of hands on training

with your instructor teaching you from the basic technique.



Stepping it up a level on each run and your confidence building very quickly your instructor will be advising you as to the correct approach into corner’s, correct braking procedures and the most important ingredients which are surface awareness and throttle control.

Power sliding a car and keeping it within your control is a fine art but once mastered gives a great sense of achievement, this will be achieved. However, it’s almost guaranteed you’ll have one or two spins along the way!!!

As the morning goes on and you become more familiar with the basic techniques we’ll introduce the handbrake turn!. This technique is used on very tight corners referred to by co-drivers as hairpins, as your day progresses you will encounter one or two of these on our demanding tarmac stage.

With just enough time in between drives for refreshments this really is your chance to prove just how fit your not!!!



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